Anniece Warren


Anniece Warren

CEO, The Ivey Group, LLC
Ivey Property Management, LLC
Ivey Realty, LLC
President, Keys Detroit, Non-profit
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Ms. Anniece Warren is a seasoned, solutions-oriented Realty and Property Management Executive with a proven track record in the revitalization of distressed properties and management of residential and commercial assets.

Ms. Warren earned her Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Accounting from Davenport University after studying Accounting and Business Management at Tennessee State University. She has an astute appreciation for the musical arts and is a member of TSU’s The Aristocrat of Bands. Ms. Warren is licensed as a Broker and Real Estate Agent.

Professionally, Ms. Warren has over 10 years of executive leadership experience attained through tenures as a Business Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. Her exceptional experience business, real estate, and property management allows her to effectively and strategically position holdings to produce value. Ms. Warren is skillful in objectively evaluating the performance potential of various properties and leveraging resources towards the realization of their potential. Her track record includes the successful turnaround of failing properties, implementing cost effective changes, and increasing economic occupancy from 35% to 90%. Ms. Warren is a champion of community relations with a unique perspective and thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by owners, developers, retail and office tenants. Her portfolio includes commercial offices, residential housing, and multifamily residential communities.

As CEO of Ivey Realty, Ms. Warren is a member in good standing with The Detroit Association of Realtors, The Michigan Association of Realtors, The National Association of Realtors, and The Michigan Small Business Association.

Ms. Warren resides in Metro Detroit with her family. She can be reached regarding residential/commercial real estate opportunities, property management solutions, community relations, and other opportunities at

Certified Occupancy specialist and Certified Financial Specialist

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