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Ivey Property Management Group specializes in the rehabilitation and preservation of multi- family properties. Whether your property has an economic occupancy of 45% or  90% we understand what is required to maximize your NOI. Ivey understands the complexities of working with distressed properties. By implementing strategic marketing, energy conservation and streamlined maintenance  plans we can significantly increase NOI and add value to your investment. Extensive renovations, on -site management and increased economic occupancy is the difference that Ivey Property Management Group can make in your Multi-Family Property. Your bottom line is our top priority, call us so we can begin to assist you today.

Market Rate

Market Rate Housing  in Michigan is effected daily and only a professional can navigate safely through the demanding changes of the marketplace to give you a profitable return on your investment. Ivey Property Management are housing specialists led by a nationally accredited Brokerage, Ivey Realty, we can leverage our standing in the industry to make your investment value sore. Ivey Property Management has taken the guess-work out of market rate housing and used a simply effective approach to filling market rate properties. Let Ivey develop and execute an effective management plan to fill your properties today!

Ivey Property Management Group is uniquely positioned to successfully oversee your Affordable Housing project and make it a success. Ivey customizes strategies for each community to make your housing project align with the HUD goals of making housing accessible and inclusive. We are knowledgeable in compliance and fair housing regulations, we create a proper tenant selection plan and our in house compliance staff is effective in expense and budget reporting. Ivey Property Management is looking to make strides in the Affordable Housing arena. Speak with an Area Property Manager to inquire about how Ivey Property Management can help you.

Affordable Housing

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